Tim Tadder

Wigs made of water. These works of art were done by commercial photographer and visual communicator, Tim Tadder. He creates various types of photographic works and has worked for many companies such as, Adidas, Craftsman and Gatorade. I thought his series called “Water Wigs” was interesting. Tim started out at a young age. His first showing was at his school library which included black and white photographs he took of a professional skateboarder. Using his father’s work room, he developed all of his photos that he displayed at the showing.

When I saw some photographs called “water wigs”, where people who appeared to be bald had artistic hair styles or some form of décor that adorned their heads created by using water, I thought hmm! What was more interesting was how he created these wig of water. In an interview with Huffing Post, Tim briefly explains how he creates these works of art.


In an article “Tim Tadder’s Photo Series “Water Wigs” Captures Beautiful Intersection Of Baldness And Water Balloons” (2012) stated that, “we used long skinny balloons to create the shapes; we would place them on the subjects heads and pop them from areas where you could not see the balloon (ie. the parts hidden off frame or behind them.) So actually there are two methods happening, one throwing balloons to create the explosions and placing the balloons on the heads and popping them out of view of the camera.” The models he uses have good sportsmanship and plenty of facial expressions to help bring excitement to these artistic shots.

His inspiration for “Water Wigs” came from his love for the movie “Flash Dance” and the excitement he gets from being weird.  He uses various form of lighting equipment, modifiers to camera and lens and of course, Adobe Photoshop software. Follow the links to look at some of his other photographic works.


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