Photomosaics is an artistic technique created by Robert Silvers as one of his school projects while he was a computer science major at MIT Media Lab. His technique uses thousands of pictures from history or remarkable events to create one photograph. This patented technology combines digital images that are scanned and put together in this unique way. Using his software, photos are selected and sorted by color, density and texture. He also selects a picture to be a main point and shape to form his portrait into one incredible work of art. To see the detail of the created picture, one must look at it from a distance. At a closer view, one is able to see the small photos that he used to make up this Photomosaic of his subject. The photo are awe-inspiring.

collage-art collage-artwork-1

When I say a portrait of a celebrity done using this technique, I thought this was a unique and creative way to celebrate someone while supporting a cause or to make a global statement.

Silvers inspiration came from scientist and artist, Ken Knowlton. He created a portrait of sea shells that was viewed in the same manner. Silvers who started out with photography at a young age uses his photography skills and computer technology to create such masterpieces.

I have included a link to a video about Robert Silvers and a portrait he created for a celebrity that was made from thousands of photographs of people from all over the world.

By pstarkey


Video Link: 

Video Link:


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