Katerina Plotnikova – Surreal Portraits with Live Animals


лиса – Fox

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has had some attention recently, especially on Facebook and Russian social media sites such as Vk.com for her photo series that includes her models posing with live, tame, animals. She has posed her models with animals in natural settings, primarily taking place in foggy woodlands. Her photos feature both exotic and mundane animals, such as giraffes, elephants, bears, snakes, foxes, and more. She is praised for her expression of powerful themes such as vulnerability. She puts a lot of effort into creating a very strong photograph, through her clothing (or lack of) and use of colors, which are usually muted pastels. Her photos have been called spiritual as well, with her portrayals having connections to folklore from Europe, mostly in the Nordic and North Eastern Europe.


Красная Шапочка – Red Riding Hood

“Even without the well-trained animals, her photos possess a rich mysticism and dream-like quality that makes them absolutely enchanting. Plotnikova’s human models exude a quiet regal air that is only made all the more arresting by their animal companions.” – Boredpanda.com


Бурый медведь поцелуй – Brown Bear Kisses

She also spends a lot of time posting on her social media and talks extensively about how she shoots her photography, how she chooses her models, animals, and trainers. From what I have been able to accurately translate she also is very passionate about animals, and nature in general.


Спящий медведь – Sleeping Bear

Outside Links:

A feature on her from a blog – http://www.boredpanda.com/surreal-animal-portraits-katerina-plotnikova/

her VK.com profile – http://vk.com/katerina__plotnikova

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