Hidden Mother Portraits

Because of the long time it took to take a photograph in the 1800s, parents had to be positioned in a picture to keep the child still long enough for the photograph to be taken. According to ridiculously interesting (2012), “the first photographic images in the late 1820s had to be exposed for hours in order to capture them on film. Improvements in technology led to this exposure time being drastically cut down to minutes, then seconds, throughout the 19th century.” This topic was interesting to see how far photography has come since the 1800s and how far parents went when it came down to photographing their children. The way these coverings were used to hide what was not to be shown in the photograph, appeared as a decorative prop in the pictures. Some were shown being disguised like a chair or being positioned behind a chair to hold up the child. Those in the poses had to remain still for as long as it took to capture the image. What caught my attention was trying to spot the parents in the pictures as a prop.

Although this technique was useful for what is known as Victorian photography, technology today has made a way for photographers to take photos quicker with less exposure time needed still giving us the ability to re-create poses reflecting the victorian period.

By pstarkey




Source: http://ridiculouslyinteresting.com/2012/01/05/hidden-mothers-in-victorian-portraits/

The Hidden Mothers (via: Retronaut, The Hidden Mother flickr group, 22words)



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