The Dangers of War Photography


Since the invention of cameras, many photographers have photographed wars and conflicts all over the world. Whether it’s for personal or public use, there are always people willing to put themselves in the face of danger so they can immortalize the experiences and situations in photographs.

War photo

There are many iconic photographs taken by these war photographers that have shown us what the battlefields are like. Some are used to raise morale and others are used to show the reality of these situations.

Some photographers though do not always make it home. And those that do aren’t always back for the best of reasons. Some are captured, tortured, and killed. Some have to deal with traumatic experiences most people couldn’t imagine. But, if they weren’t at these locations, documenting these events. No one would know about them and no one would care. War photographers shed light on the world around us, and for that they deserve our thanks.


gWXb8ta Lynsey-Addario-Libya-007


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