“To Adrian Rodriguez, With Love.”

Glitch art 1Lips

Melanie Willhide is a photographer based in Los Angeles and has been so for almost two decades. Her works have been featured in magazines such as the New York Times and appeared in art galleries all around North America.

glitch art 2

A few years ago, Willhide had to face one of photographers’ worst nightmares. Having your laptop and backup drive stolen. She realized there was a good chance of her never getting her equipment back. Though a few days later, after all hope seemed lost; she got a call from the local authorities informing her that they found her laptop and backup drive had been stolen. The data was wiped and she was only able to salvage a few distorted photographs. But she was actually happy with the distortions. And so she decided to publish the photographs in an album named after her laptop thief, Adrian Rodriquez.

Written by Michael LaDuca

glitch art 5glitch art 4


Photo Album-

Article- http://petapixel.com/2013/04/23/photographer-thankful-to-laptop-thief-for-new-creative-direction/


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