Foodscape Photography

Foodscape photography is a type of photography where the artists creates entire landscapes using just food. Typically, they create sets or scenes with the foods that create the scene they’d like to shoot and photograph it. They will go through all of this:

foodscape 6Just to create this one single photograph.

foodscapes 1

The concept of using food to create intriguing landscapes is an interesting way to approach things. One photographer, Carl Warner is known for this type of photography. He uses fresh foods for the landscapes and has endless images come up when you search him on google. Personally, I love photographing landscapes. Taking pictures of nature is my favorite thing to do. Foodscape photography is such a different approach. These photographers are photographing seemingly normal things, but when you take a closer look you realize it’s all food. It’s a way to make the normal not so normal.

The whole process can take several days from start to finish. Sometimes, the scenes are even shot in layers in order to work quickly with fresh produce. These images take some time to create but are a really fun thing to photograph.

foodscape 5foodscape 7




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