Selfie Sticks and Photography

Every time I go on Instagram or Facebook, there seems to be another amazing picture taken with a selfie stick. People have been going out of there way to capture different and attention-catching photos ever since the release of the device. I’ve seen pictures taken from atop of buildings, mountains, and waves that have all be taken from a new angle thanks to the availability of selfie sticks. With selfie sticks gaining tons of popularity, I decided I to learn some about their history in the field of photography.maxresdefault

(Taken from atop a skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Selfie Sticks are being used more and more often and have been around for quite sometime assisting photographers. Although the actual term “selfie stick” wasn’t patented and commercially produced until 2014, the first concept of a tool to assist somebody to take picture of themselves was patented in 1984 by Hiroshi Ueda and Yujiro Mima. Inventor Wayne Fromm came up with his own take on the selfie stick in 2005 called the Quik Pod which was very similar to what a selfie stick is today.


(Blueprints by Ueda and Mima)

The first evidence of any device used to take a selfie actually dates back to 1925. Freelance journalist Alan Cleaver sent BBC Radio Cumbria a picture if his grandparents that was taken by the use of device to take the picture from facing the of the camera proving that the desire of a selfie stick has been around almost for a whole century.


(Photo of Cleaver’s grandparents 1925. First selfie. BBC)

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