Athlete now Photographer

A common theme in sports is that there will always be photographers. so now many former athletes are becoming photographers. This ranges from after they retire to while they are still preforming. The first person i will cover is Ken Griffey jr. Griffey can often be found taking photos at Arizona Wildcat football games. The team his son , Trey, plays for.downloaddownload (1)

Obviously the second photo is not real.

Another former baseball player who now does photography is Randy Johnson. Johnson takes pictures of a lot of different sports but have been found at racetracks numerous times taking photos

download (3)download (2)

Lastly another athlete who is actually still preforming his sport and taking photos is NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. In 2014 he was found a Chicago cub baseball games taking photos. His favorite (4)Kurt Busch Photographs Major League Baseball

The second photo is a picture Kurt actually took himself.

I’m sure there are many more athletes out there doing the same thing. And a lot of them are very good at it.

Photos from. (Kurt Busch) (Ken Griffey jr.)

Google images (Randy Johnson)

-Ryan Riddle


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