JUCO Photography

JUCO is the collaboration of works between two great photographers: Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. In 2002, they both met at The San Francisco Art Institute where Cloud received a MFA in photography and Galdo got her BFA in the same major. Their assignments in class were one of the first projects they both did together. Team JUCO is currently in Los Angeles, CA.

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Along with photographing fashion for commercial and editorial, JUCO also takes personal and advertising pictures as well. Plus, JUCO has an exceptional way of taking celebrity photographs from close-ups, to body shots, and changing the picture to black and white. They have many clients including Apple, Cheerios, Target, University of Phoenix, Microsoft, Nike, and VH1.

The one thing I love about JUCO’s photography is the settings. Even the different backgrounds they use  to blend colors together is so imaginative. Not only do the colors match their subject, but the scene itself is creative and even the patterns JUCO uses are appealing and fun.

For more information about JUCO, go to http://jucophoto.com/PageImage-530413-5306704-7




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