Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber, born in rural Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 1946, became the preeminent photographer of the fashion industry in the 1980s and continues to be one of the world’s most popular and ifluential photographers. In the late 1970s, Weber began photographing ads and commercials for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. His photographs has since appeared in Vanity Fair, American Vogue, Interview, Italian Vogue and GQ, among many others.

I like how Weber shoots most of his work in black and white. Even though he occasionally devotes to color photography, you can find his work mostly in black and white or toned shades.

Weber is also a filmmaker and he even directed a few music videos for Pet Shop Boys and Chris Isaak. I admire him for engaging not only in photography, but filmmaking as well. Because those two art fields are both about pictures, I think it is crucial for all photographers to at least try that other sister field, and that is why I look up to Bruce Weber.

Many famous musicians, actors and models have been subjects of Weber’s photos, and I think that is the other reason why everybody should be familiar with his name and work.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner – Interview Magazine, Adirondacks, New York

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin – American Vogue, Bellport, New York

Calvin Klein campaign - obsession fragrance - santa barbara calif

Calvin Klein – Obsession fragrance, Santa Barbara, California

Tom Brady

Tom Brady – GQ Magazine, Miami, Florida


True & Tai, Montauk, New York

To learn more about Bruce Weber and to view his work, go to:

– Paulina Szczepanska


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