Brian McCarty Photography

Brian McCarty is a contemporary artist and photographer known for his work with toys. Born in 1974, he currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee. He bases his photos on integrating toy characters into real-life situations and using creative scenes. McCarty is also known for his production known as WAR-TOYS that shows children’s firsthand accounts of war by using principles of play and therapy. With lots of support, McCarty invites traumatized children to become art directors for his photographs of locally found toys.book_mockup


McCarty travels to exotic locations including active war zones to create his photographs. Plus he prefers to work in-camera. Some of his work is associated with the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist movements. In addition, McCarty has created many commission projects for MTV, Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, and Disney.

Along with doing commission work and his own projects, he has also worked in Israel, the West Bank, and Lebanon.

I like McCarty’s work because it’s a different perspective 06lgwhen photographing toys, especially ones that are currently popular. Also, some of his photos have a comedic side to them and others have dark themes. Another reason why I like his photos is because they each have different themes. Even with his non-continuous production in its fourth year, I think McCarty’s WAR-TOYS concept is really inspiring when it comes to helping traumatized children.

All photos belong to Brian McCarty.




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