Yousuf Karsh Photography

Yousuf Karsh was born in 1908 and although him and his family faced a time of tribulation he went on to become a very successful photographer. He has photographed some of the most accomplished individuals of the 20th century. In 1926 he took an interest in photography when his uncle first gave him a camera. He would walk around with the small camera every weekend. He has traveled internationally and taken photographs of Winston Churchill. He has won several awards for his work and has been a guest on several television shows: such as Larry King, and 60 minutes. In 1992 he closed his studio and in 1997 retired.

What I enjoy about Karsh’s photographs are that they black and white, and that no matter who or what he photographed each photograph tells a story.


Jacqueline Kennedy In 1957, this photograph was taken, before husband was elected president and was still the Senator of Massachusetts. In this photograph you can see the youth in her face and I really like the way she is looking away from the camera.


General Dwight Eisenhower 1946. Karsh said ” Eisenhower appeared confident and imperturbable, a man certain of his course. Having witnessed intimately the tragedy of war, he still had strong faith and trust in mankind.”


Mother Teresa in 1988 during a fancy luncheon which she declined she ate in the kitchen instead. She at first refused to take the photograph, but charged her mind and said she would if it would help he order. I love how he captured her in such a modest state and for a good cause.



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