Underwater Photography

My last blog focused on photography of space, the area that’s outside of our planet. For this blog, I’ve changed directions…literally. This blog is about underwater photography that allows us to see the life that lives on the planet with us that we may not have known about.

Underwater-Photography7 Underwater-Photography13 Underwater-underwater-photography-32684078-1600-1200The photos above obviously had to be taken with an underwater camera (or at least a camera that was inside of something transparent and watertight.) The beauty of underwater photography is that it seems really difficult to take a bad shot of something. There are usually many different things to take pictures of also, whether that be fish or the sea floor itself that is littered with shells, rocks, and is usually in many different colors. For the same reasons that we take photos of space to see what we normally couldn’t, the same thing is done for the life in the ocean. The added benefit is that it is right here where we can easily get to it, and it has just as much mystery as what is in space.

For more information on underwater photography, visit: http://www.underwaterphotography.com/




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