Milton Greene photography

Milton Greene is a New York native and was born in 1922. His photograph’s are from the 50’s and 60’s era. He began taking photographs at age 14. Greene has photographed several celebrities and is well-known for photographing Marilyn Monroe. A lot of his portraits have been featured in Look magazine, Life, and Vogue. His work has earned him many awards and honors. He passed away in 1985. In 1994 his son Joshua, created the Milton Greene Archives.

What I love about Greene’s work is that he wasn’t afraid to take amazing photos and establish a relationship with the people he was photographing by making them feel comfortable. I have always enjoyed looking at Greene’s photographs and the connection he had with Marilyn. The photographs of Marilyn Monroe are my favorite.

monroeMarilyn Monroe in 1954. She was featured in Greene’s Ballerina series. The series has  become the most recognizable series between the two. He took this in his New York studio. The dress she is wearing was 2 size to small. I love how he captured Marilyn this way, in a innocent, but seductive pose.

ava-gardner-photographed-by-milton-greene-1345341918_org Greene shot this photograph of Ava Garnder in 1954 for Look Magazine. I love this portrait of Gardner because she is not looking directly at the camera, but you can still see the sex appeal in the photograph.


Greene took this photograph of Bill Cosby for a series he was doing. The series captured celebrities and what they enjoy doing in their share time. This photograph captures Mr. Cosby smoking a cigar. I like this portrait because it captures Cosby in a less serious pose.



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