Kevin Flemming Photography

Kevin Flemming, a Delaware native is a very talented and prominent photographer. After a decade of working for National Geographic Kevin has traveled to over 28 countries photographing diverse subjects.


During his time with National Geographic Flemming was exposed to many abnormal circumstances such as war and famine. Flemming was also present during the assassination of the Egyptian president in 1981 and even incidentally captured a few photographs of the event. These photographs are what catapulted his career after they were featured on the cover of 15 magazines.Jersey channel islands

Kevin has won many awards for his photography and was even recognized America’s Best Observer by Readers Digest. In 2007 Flemming’s former college, Wesley College, even inducted him into their Hall Of Fame and was named the “Distinguished Alumni of the Year”. Herring point

More recently Kevin Flemming has been concentrating on creating books and over time he has managed to publish 23 different books. All these books capture the heart and soul of America with compelling photographs and stories. One book created is a photographic history book that is called Landmarks and Legacies which features all of Delaware’s historic points of interest. Flemming’s most recent book captured the wildlife, nature and beauty of coastal Delaware, this book is titled The Beach. static1.squarespace.comdeer crossing on gordons pond

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