Nicholas Samaras Photography

Nicholas Samaras is a famous underwater photographer who is passionate and committed when taking underwater photos. From 2005, he has taken numerous pictures of marine life and showcased them around the world.

I like this photographer because you don’t hear a lot about underwater photography. Plus I really love how Samaras goes out and beyond to get pictures of marine life that we’ve never seen before. I think others would like it because Samaras has this unique way of taking pictures of every detail and making that photograph as interesting as possible. Also, when you look at the photographs he’s taken, it doesn’t look like much Photoshop is done at all unless it’s black and white. That’s another thing I like about Samaras is that all these pictures are purely natural.

The camera he uses is a Cannon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR and he has a number of lenses that he uses such as the Cannon EF 8-15mm f/4L lenses.303512127951357719414_800

Not only has Samaras taken hundreds to thousands of pictures abroad, he’s also done many personal projects. Also, he’s taken photos of unmapped spots in the Meditation Sea, pool shots for models, and even family portraits.

Nicholas Samaras won many international awards such as Scuba Diving Magazine International Annual Contest in 2007, and G.D.T. European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Many of his awarded photographs are exhibited in international festival halls and his first solo exhibition was under the title Soulfly in Greece and Austria that showcased a selected portfolio from 2008 to 2009.

There are many categories of underwater photography that Samaras does. Currently, he’s done pictures of underwater athletes and models, and pictures that are abstract, silhouettes, black and white, etc.     Zilver Z15-SAMARAS_NICHOLAS_02underwater-photographer-nicholas-samarass-gallery-collection-renaissance-divephotoguidecom-1366855467_orgnicholas-samaras

Tracy Johnson


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