Wild life by David Yarrow

David Yarrow is a Scottish artist (based in London) who turned his lens on the natural world to capture its harsh and endangered beauty. He exposes his thirst to get both physically and spiritually close to the personalities of some of Kenya’s most prized wildlife and cultures. David’s photographic travels have given him genuine insights into key environmental and geopolitical issues. This knowledge is put to practical use in his long-term commitment to Tusk, the leading African conservation charity, for which he is the affiliated photographer.


NKOSI SIKELEL’ IAFRIKA | Dinokeng, South Africa 2014


THE PRIZE | Amboseli, Kenya 2012


TRUST | Vergenoeg, Namibia 2013


FAMILY | Amboseli, Kenya 2012

Heaven can wait

HEAVEN CAN WAIT | Amboseli, Kenya 2014

One of the reasons why I love Instagram is because I stumble across a lot of new photographers I have never heard of before through that app. David Yarrow is my latest discovery and I am truly amazed by his work. His genius in photographing wild animals is beyond my expectations. Even though the artist could have captured the African life in vivid colors, I like the fact he does so in black and white. Each of Yarrow’s pictures is dedicated to animals’ beauty and power, and I admire his devotion to the subject. I can only imagine how hard it can be to work in such a difficult and dangerous environment.

To learn more about David Yarrow and to see his work, go to: http://davidyarrow.photography/

– Paulina Szczepanska


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