“Bearing Witness” by Jay Maisel

Many of us remember exactly where we were and how we felt on September 11, 2011, when we learned the tragic news about what happened in New York City. Undoubtedly, no one will ever forget about this tragic event. Because of photography, we not only can remember how we felt, but we can also revisit this day in the eyes of other people.

Jay Maisel is a notable American photographer who has lived in New York his whole life. He is known for his natural-light color photography, non-technical approach, and depicting New York City in a distinctive and memorable way. Because of Maisel’s love to photography and his city, I can’t imagine anybody else to better portray the emotional aspect of September 11.

Here’s an excerpt from a foreward to the book “Bearing Witness”, which Maisel put together 10 years after 9/11:

Two weeks after 9/11, still numb, depressed, and disconnected (as we all were), I had to go to ground zero. I took my camera but I had no idea what I was going to see, do or photograph. I just had to be there; to bear witness to what had happened and was happening.

It’s been almost 10 years now, and I feel I must do this book. It’s dedicated to all those who are in it and all those who are no longer with us. I felt a kinship with all those I photographed that day, as we all feel a kinship with those who died that day.

This is a record of some of what I saw.

I picked out four images from his book that I believe are a wonderful portrayal of how this day affected all of us, no matter what’s our nationality. In just those few pictures, we can see and feel emotions speaking through people. For anybody, who loves photography, I think this is something we always look for. Connection.


Source: All photos has been collected from Jay Maisel’s official page: www.jaymaisel.com

For more information on Jay Maisel and to see more of his photos from “Bearing Witness”, go to: http://www.jaymaisel.com/2011/09/07/bearing-witness/#more-1184

– Paulina Szczepanska


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