Sally Mann Photography

Sally Mann is an American photographer, best known for the black and white photographs from her books “At Twelve” and “Immediate Family”. She has released 8 books in total, as well as several films containing her work.

Sally Mann,  Copyright: Jacob Ehrbahn, Politiken. Phone:+45 30 62 10 01.

Mann’s “Immediate Family” featured photos of her children she took while they were all under the age of 10. Where as these images were very successful, many of them struck up controversy. The images Mann took were not your normal child photography pictures, and often depicted some for of child nudity in them. Others had children with swollen eyes or in a soiled bed. Mann was attempting (and succeeding) at working with a controversial form of photography.


Mann’s photography captured children in their natural state: playful, curious, confused, angry, and even in pain. She has received NEA and NEH awards, and has her work featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Gallery Gagosian Gallery.

– Lydia Conner


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