In-Game Photography

The virtual world of video gaming has and is still becoming more and more vast. With the ever expanding world of computers, gaming has expanded as well. The expansive worlds video game designers have created often feature beautiful moments only a few have now started to take advantage of. Many games like Skyrim or Fallout have vast worlds ready to explore and with games being more and more realistic, people with a keen eye have began to capture the beauty in the fantasy world. Much like the real world, some take the beauty for granted or move along; others see it and capture it.

skyrimlandscape2 skyrimmountain

theslip bythethroat invention thegrateescape

All of these were taken in-game.

Skyrim (first 2), Dishonored (3), Mass Effect 2 (4), Bioshock (5), and Dishonored again (6).

-Trevor Taylor


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