Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter was a South-African photojournalist. Carter captured images of the poverty and famine in South Africa in the early 1990’s along with his three other companions, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek, and João Silva. The four of them made up a group of photojournalists called “The Big Bang Club.”


Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for a photograph featuring the 1993 famine in Sudan. This photo is featured below.


The picture shows a sick and hungry child crawling to the UN food camp located about half a mile away. People began to talk, and many said that Carter’s action of taking the photo was inhumane. That he should have dropped the camera and run to help the girl. However, Carter was forced by soldiers to not interfere with any of the people they photographed in fear of transmitting disease.


In response, the New York Times published an editors note with what information they had on the situation, including the fact the girl recovered enough strength to continue her journey once the vulture was chased away. However it was not known if she reached the feeding center she was headed to or not.


In light of the images he had seen in Sudan and other places of poverty and disease in Africa, Carter fell into depression. Carter committed suicide three months after receiving the Pulitzer Prize. He attached a hose to the exhaust pipe of his vehicle and running it into the driver’s side window. Kevin Carter died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the age of 33.

– Lydia Conner


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