Stanley Kubrick

Before Stanley Kubrick was the Stanley Kubrick he was a photographer for LOOK magazine in New York during the 40s and 50s. He was 17 years old. In a lot of these photos you can really see the beginning of that easily recognized Kubrick style he’s famous for in his beautiful films. It’s interesting to see where someone like him, a personal inspiration of mine and one of my favorite directors all began. I chose these photos because, not only are they interesting but they resemble stills from future films of his that he would later become famous for.

10365_66cm 003 kubrick6

This one is of a Columbia University professor working with bright light. One the Right is a group of actors in a paddy wagon. I can’t help but get a strong Dr. Strangelove feel from them. The way the light reflects off the dark shades and his overall demeanor as well as the overall lighting. The use of the shadowy man in the foreground in picture two reminds me of all the men sitting around the table in the war room.

10365_66cm_ 008killerskiss

You can see Kubrick’s beginning love for the one point perspective here. A reoccurring shot type that appears in all his movies. Left: Columbia University Student. Right: A still from Stanley Kubricks’s Killer’s Kiss

10296_66cm_ 001kubrick-one-point-perspective5


We can see that again here in this one. Once again, shots like this will reappear in his future endeavors as a director.

Left:  Woman walking down street. Right: Still from The Shining


The man himself, Stanley Kubrick with his camera.


-Trevor Taylor


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