Astronomical Photography

One thing that I personally have always been fascinated with is space. So this topic for me was actually really fun to look for photos for and talk about. The problem for us when it comes to this style if that we ourselves really can’t get the same photographs as the ones that are posted on this blog, at least not without a telescope worth millions upon millions of dollars. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the results of the photos that have already been taken.





The photos above were all taken from the many telescopes that are orbiting around Earth. While there really is no technique to obtaining photographs like this, they are important in a different way. Due to these telescopes and these photographs, we as humans have been able to learn so much about the universe. Without these telescopes or photography in general, we would never have been able to see these beautiful sights. The great thing about there not being a technique on how to shoot photos like this is that it means that it really can’t be staged and provides a natural look at what is outside of Earth. There are no camera tricks here, these sights actually exist naturally and because of photography we can see at our own will, what people thousands of years ago would never believe.

The following link can provide you with a brief look into the history of astronomical photography from when it began until the more recent years:

Seth Shockley




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