Time Lapse Photography

One of my more favorite styles of photos is the Time-lapse style. These pictures are created when a camera is set with a very long exposure time and usually aimed at something that will move. One of the more popular targets of time-lapse photography are the stars above. When done correctly, a time-lapse photo will show the movement of the stars over the course of the exposure time. An example of this can be seen below.


The same concept is applied for anything else you may be taking a picture of. For example: tracking the sun’s movements over the course of the day.


The object the picture is of can also be man-made, a good example of this would be a photo showing a city skyline.time_lapse

The object shown in time-lapse form are the car lights traveling down the highway. The long exposure time allows the path of the vehicles to be tracked.

A tutorial on how to properly shoot time-lapse photos has been included on this blog for your viewing pleasure right here:


Seth Shockley


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