Caught in the Action

Walter Iooss JR. is a sports photographer. He has attended every Superbowl in NFL history. He is one of four photographers to capture some of the greatest moments at the Superbowl. He’s had the privilege to photograph other sporting events as well and many big name athletes. The photographs I selected are from different sporting events and mainly from the 60’s and 70’s era. My favorite type of photographs are from time periods that I wasn’t alive to witness the events.   I think people will find them interesting because they capture the athletes in action and they appear to be frozen in the shot.

Staubach & Greenwood 1975

Staubach & Greenwood 1975

Dallas Cowboys game!

Juan Marachal 1961

Juan Marichal 1961

Pitcher for Giants known for high kick pitches ret.

Detriot Vs NE Foxboro 1976

Patriots Vs. Lions! Pats lose 10-30

T416 IM 5

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 1971

Played for Milwaukee Bucks in 1971

Alan Trammel 1993

MLB shortstop for Detriot Tigers ret.



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