Richard Sandler- Street Photographer

By Chelsea Wootten

Richard Sandler is a street photographer and documentary filmmaker. Most famous for his pictures of New York in the 80’s, Sandler’s photos have a noirish element to them, making them in my opinion, both beautiful and haunting. He was born in New York in 1946, and was given his first camera in 1977, and has since become a prominent street photographer. He’s done several documentaries, his most famous being the Gods of Time Square. His main theme in photography was, as he said in the article Richard Sandler’s 80s: When Greed was Good, “to record your time.” And I think he did that pretty well.grand-central-terminal-nyc-1989 womandoubled-face-nyc-c-1984 subwayc-couple-kissing-nyc-c-1987 furs-on-5th-ave-nyc-1984 C Train

Photo names in order: Grand Central Terminal, Woman Double Faced, Subway Couple Kissing, Furs on Fifth Avenue, and C Train


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