Macro Photography

Macro photography, in essence, is a photography technique where the photographer takes photos of small subjects and makes the sizes of said subjects larger than life.

In order to take the photos, the photographer has to use a certain type of lens (case in point, a macro lens). 45–65 mm is used in product photography. It features small objects that can be approached closely without causing undesirable influence, and it provides scenes requiring natural background perspective.

45 mm - 65 mm

90–105 mm lenses are used for insects, flowers, and other small objects small objects from a comfortable distance.

90-105 mm moth

150–200 mm lenses are used for insects and other small animals where additional working distance is required.

150 - 200 mm wasp

This is a photography technique that any photographer can use if they have the right type of lens(es). Here’s a link that you can look at to check out if you want to do macro photography.

~ Shane A. Smith


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