Disney Dream Portraits

The Disney Dream Portraits were shot and created by Annie Leibovitz. For the shoot celebrities pose as Disney Characters in a series of portraits for an ongoing theme park advertising campaign. Various Disney characters appeared in the series such as; Cinderella, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and more.

3girls  2008-pocahontas 2011-snow-whiteannie-leibovitz-disney-2aAnnie-Leibovitz-Disney-Russell-Brand7artes-la-sirenita-queen-latifaAlice-in-Wonderland-Beyonce-Oliver-Platt-Lyle-Lovett-550x328

The 66 year old photographer was born  in Connecticut, and attended San Francisco Art Institute, where she received a bachelors degree. Leibovitz is best known for her portraits of famous celebrities, political figures, musicians, and athletes. A majority of her work has been published in big name magazines like Vanity Fair and The Rolling Stone.

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I admire this series particularly because it brings an emotional side of me. It reminds me of an essential part of my warm, happy childhood. I applaud Leibovitz’s creativity and ability to bring such magical Disney characters to life. It truly inspires both young and old Disney fans to dream again and have passion for what you love.

Annie-Leibovitz-s-Disney-Dream-Portrait-Series-disney-1361376-2000-1333 disney-dream-ads-annie-leibovitz-09 f0td90 hudsontiana jacksparrow2-550x344 jessica-chastain Little-Mermaid Scarlett-Johanssen-as-Cinderella Snow-White-Rachel-Weisz-550x370

AUTHOR: Michelle Rideau

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