Sin City In Seconds

Chelsea Wootten

Sin City has to be one of my favorite movies. One, it has great actors and special effects. But second, and most important, the way they film the movie, with the black and white splashed with colors like red and yellow periodically throughout, is nearly exact when compared to the original Frank Miller comic books. And you want to know something really cool? You can make your pictures look the same way with Photoshop!


I found a tutorial on a blog called Photo Shop Lady, and it tells you how to add the same effects to your pictures as seen above, or at least to make it look like the comic book style. For starters, the tutorial wants you to completely desaturate your image. Next, adjust your levels so they “look inked.” She gives the levels she uses. The next part entails using layers to create effects on the picture. If you want the guy to have a gun, create a layer and title it Gun. The blog says then make the gun’s properties linear burn. Anything else added to the picture other than the original subject is added with layers. The tutorial even shows how to add a speech bubble.

Actual Comic book picture  Comic Bookish


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