Dust and Dance

Dust and Dance is a photography series created by Thomas David. The “Dust and Dance” series is a high speed photo shoot using flour to coat the models as they moved or danced. The dust was flung at the models by an assistant who was standing on the side, while Thomas shot the photo using a Canon EOS 5D.


Thomas David is a french photographer whose passion for photography is evident by his portfolio. His line of work scales from landscapes, objects, children, dance, portraits and more. His most recent albums are the 365 project and Dust and Fight.


I think this series is extremely gorgeous because it is so different. Personally, as a fellow dancer this series caught my eye because of how flawless it is. Everything from the dancers to the dust is in focus and can be seen from a distance. The series also encourages a photographer to be more creative and think outside of the box. The effort put into this series shows how creativity can pay off.

10703858614_2cc0c44cb7_z dance 13983632791_b1d8d2dc06_c flyDust-and-Dance-01

AUTHOR: Michelle Rideau

Want to see more of Thomas’ portfolio? Click here.

Watch a behind the scenes video for the Dust and Dance series here.

Want to know the setup for the Dance and Dust photo shoot? Click here.


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