Smoke Art Photography

I chose this topic to discuss smoke art and how it is used in photography.

Smoke art, in its simplest definition, is art that features smoke. The smoke can be considered the subject or the medium to create something else. Some focus on its own beauty and pureness, others use it as ‘paint’ to create stunning artwork.

One of the best descriptive terms for smoke art photography is aleatoric. It is an aleatoric art form because it is art that’s created through chance, relying heavily on randomness to give it its spark. The photographer’s attraction to this genre lies in capturing smoke in any of its variously indeterminate shapes, sizes and wispy strands.

Have a look for yourself. I have personally chosen a few of my favorites below:

Smoke Art 1

Smoke Art 2

Smoke Art 3 (tribal)


As you can see, smoke art photography can be used to create different shapes and various, intriguing artwork. Take these, for example:

Boy with new balloon



Smoke art photography is intricate, intriguing, and it shows a much detailed way of shooting photos in a dark studio. I, personally, enjoy this and I think that it’d be a pretty cool technique to use.

No, you don’t have to smoke in order to make this intriguing set of art, but you can also learn how to do this by following this link (don’t burn anything to the ground as you do this):

This type of photography actually intrigued me because it’s one of the many extraordinary things you can do with ordinary objects.

The person who is most notable for smoke art photography is a man named Graham Jeffery. He describes this as “like the Rorschach inkblot test”. Interesting read.

Check it out:

AUTHOR: Shane A. Smith


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