Tilt-Shift Photography and Miniature faking technique.

Tilt-Shift photography is a technique that helps to create miniature effects in the images, among other things.

Tilt-Shift photography is the special technique that implies the usage of camera movements. It pertains to the small- and medium-format cameras. Tilt-Shift photography usually involves the utilization of particular lenses. The lenses for such kind of photography are special Tilt-Shift lenses.


source http://visualphotoguide.com

Bogus miniature photographs can be produced by capturing an image that is focused throughout the so-called focal range. In other words, the foreground, midground, and background should be in focus. Later, the photographer selectively blurs some details or some objects of the image in Photoshop, Gimp or some other image manipulation program.


source http://www.smashingmagazine.com

The “Tilt-Shift” term refers to two different kinds of lens movements. The first, Tilt, is the rotation of the lens in relation to the image plane. Tilt regulates the Plane of Focus (PoF) and is responsible…

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