Slow Shutter Photography

In the complete opposite spectrum from my last blog, this blog focuses on slow shutter speed photography. While high speed photography captures the natural movements of objects and freezes them in place. Slow shutter photography uses the same movements, but creates a new experience. The trick is to set your cameras so that the shutter will stay open longer and can capture the movement of the objects in the frame.

slow shutter


This shot was of a road that curves through the mountains. The lights that are captured are from the headlights and taillights of vehicles as they drove through the area. The lights created beautiful streaks that curve with sharp colors.

slow shutter 2


In this photo, the clouds were captured moving and is a great comparison to the pier in the foreground. While the pier is crisp and clear due to it staying stationary, the sky and water show a motion blur due to them moving within the frame during the exposure time.

Of course, it’s even possible for anybody to have a little bit of fun with this style. All it takes is a bright enough light or flame, and you too can create any type of pattern that you can think of. If you’re really good, you can even write messages for the viewers, just remember to write them backwards so they aren’t flipped in the resulting photo.

slow shutter 3


Obviously, these lights weren’t just floating in the air waiting to be captured, they were created using the method above.

Slow shutter photography can easily turn into the most creative form of photography there is. The idea of using natural objects to create unnatural patterns or lights in order to form a whole new artwork is mesmerizing to me. If there ever was a form of photography that truly takes advantage of it’s surroundings, this would be it.

For more slow shutter photos, visit:–photo-476


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