High Speed Photography

This might be my favorite type of photography there is. The reason is  because high speed photography allows us to see things we are around everyday in a brand new light. We are all aware what a balloon filled with water looks like after it pops, it leaves behind a very big mess. But with high speed photography, we can freeze the action in place and really see what it looks like.



What most people don’t realize is when a water balloon pops, the water actually maintains the shape for a fraction of a second, but we can never actually see that with our own eyes. That is where high speed photography can really show what it is made of.



In this photo, this child had water on him and he shook some of the water off. The camera was able to capture each individual drop in good quality as it flew in the air.

This style can only be achieved with a very fast shutter speed and plenty of light. The equipment used here is usually some form of a flash. Sometimes it can even be hooked into a microphone and is set up to go off with the camera at the absolute second a noise is picked up. This is how most pictures of balloons popping are captured. Or even other items we can’t even see, like a bullet flying through the air.



This photo captured the moments of a bullet being fired and tearing through a playing card. The speed was so fast that the card is in two pieces, but the top half is still floating in the air.

This style is probably the most impressive based solely on the images that it can capture. It allows us to see what was previously thought to be unseen, and gives us a new perspective on the objects around us.

For more photos, visit:http://www.smashingapps.com/2010/01/17/40-stunning-examples-of-high-speed-photography.html



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