Dorothea Lange and her photojournalism

In case you were wondering, or couldn’t tell photojournalism is my favorite style of photography. I love how it captures the moment and the emotions of what is going on in an event or time period. I love how the photos truly tell a story. One of my favorite photojournalism photographers is Dorothea Lange.


Dorothea Lange was a photojournalist who worked for the US  Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression and the aftermath of the Dust Bowl. Her job was to go around and capture the labor camps and the migrant workers for the administration so they could see what was going on and see how the people were living. The picture above is one of Lange’s most famous pictures. It is of a migrant mother with her children. She worked for the pea farm. Lange said the women in this picture didn’t ask any questions as if she understood this picture was going to help her.


I love this picture, it is one of my favorites of Lange’s. I love how she captures the emotions of the kids and their expressions which is what photojournalism is all about. Lange loved photographing people. When she was in college she interned for Arnold Genthe who was a famous portrait photographer. When she graduated she opened up her own portrait studio and was one of the first women to be a photographer as a profession.


Lange capture the story in the pictures she took and was able to use these to put a face to the great depression and the labor camps. But not only did she capture the story in the picture, she also learned the stories of the people in the picture. Lange had a limp due to polio she contracted as a child and in some ways it made it easier for her to get to know people and their stories because they were more likely to open up to her.

Not only did Dorothea Lange capture the stories of people and put a face to the Great Depression and the Labor Camps, she also helped to pave the way for women in the career field of photography.

To look at more of her pictures you can go to this website:



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