Beginner Tips for Flower Photography

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I wanted to introduce some tips on how to take photos of flowers.


1) Think about lighting – Direct sunlight isn’t good when shooting  flowers because it casts harsh shadows and creates bright highlights; these are bad for exposure. Cloudy days along with the golden hours of the early morning or late afternoon are good times to take pictures. These times usually tend to be warmer, create less harsh lighting, and help naturally saturated colors to glow.

macro-photography (3)

2) Use Macro Lens – Sharp focus is important for flowers. If you’re interested in taking close ups of a flower and keep the sharp details, this lens will help.


3) Use a Tripod – Keeping a steady hand can be difficult especially when outdoors on windy days. Using a tripod can help keep the point of focus.


4) Use a shallow depth of field – A shallow depth of field gives the flowers a prominent spot in the image. Depth of field can capture the flower’s image perfectly.


5) Change your point of view – Finding a flower’s good shape and having good backgrounds are important. Move around and try different angles for more interesting images. Ensure that it has good petals and nice colors so that the pictures show “perfect flowers.”

I hope this information was helpful.



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