Shooting Photos in the Dark

Shooting photos is the dark can be very hard for those of us that don’t know what we are doing; I have researched this process and have found some helpful tips for those who wish to attempt night time photos.

1.Disable flash (since we did that first day of class we need not worry)

2.Use a tripod- Since your shutter will be slow (to draw in more light) we want to keep camera still.

3.Use self timer – This is another way to make sure you don’t move the camera even a little bit during the shot.

4. Bracket shots – Bracketing is taking a few pictures of the same thing at different exposures. You can then choose the best pictures out of each bunch.

* Exposure times are hit and miss. You may want to just experiment a little at first. But do remember that the slower the shutter speed the the more light you can draw in.


SF dark




I hope this is helpful. For more information please try the following link.

Happy shooting.



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