Sports Photography


Sports…probably the one thing most people are more passionate about than themselves.

Over the years there have been many famous face that no fan will ever forget whether they were somebody you cheered for, or booed out of the building. Walter Iooss has been a sports photographer since 1968 and has contributed his photos to many different sports media outlets. His work is so highly regarded that Upper Deck even released a special pack of 27 baseball cards photographed by Iooss and called it, the “Iooss Collection.” Even still to this day Iooss is still shooting, he has been shooting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for the better part of four decades now. Iooss even received the Lucie Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sports Photography in 2004.


I personally am a major fan of sports and I think that Iooss’ work is incredible. The fact that he has been able to photograph some of the biggest names ever in sports stands as a testament to his quality of work. Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks this if he has been awarded for his work in his entire career. His styles differ so it’s not just the same thing in every shot. The first shot was a freeze frame of Carl Lewis in the air from underneath of him. The second is a black and white portrait of Michael Jordan. And this last one is my personal favorite as a fan of the Boston Red Sox, a color, depth of field portrait of Pedro Martinez.


A variety of styles can really go a long way.

For more on Walter Iooss:



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