Fashion photography

Dovima with elephants, at Cirque D'Hiver, Paris, August, 1955  dovima with elephantsThese 1955 photos were shot by  Richard Avedon at the Cirque d’hiver, Paris.The pictures became famous because of the extreme contrast between the elephants and the model (juxtaposition). The model in the pictures name is Dovima, whom Avedon thought as of one of the last of the “elegant, aristocratic beauties.” The shot on the left was reprinted many times, where the one on the right was printed only once. Avedon stated that the shot disappeared mysteriously, and so did Dovima. Avedon was never happy with his shot, he didn’t even included it in his autobiography, where Dovima was never happy with herself and ended up taking her own life.


rankins version of dovimathis photo was taken by a photographer named Rankin in his attempt to recreate the above. Rankin is known for his part in founding the magazine “Dazed and Confused”, photographing the “real woman”, and his study where he showed that anyone can look like a “star”.


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