Life is a Journey

Whatever is happening in my life and in the world around me, I feel like I am on a road. I think about the choices I make as I decide which path to take. From the days of happiness to the moments of sadness, life is a journey.

NOTE: There was no writing or additional information on the websites about the pictures.


“Sunflower Road” – Andrea Hazel-Ihlefeld

Location: New Mexico

Life is filled with beautiful things and kind people. During some of our challenging days, sunflowers bring me a sense of hope. The soft, bright colors give feelings of peace and calmness.




“Road to Eternity” – Mariusz

Through life’s twist and turns, He is with me. The Creator, Father, and Friend walks alongside me during my journey. No one knows when this road will end, but it leads to eternity.

I really like this photo’s composition!!



“Montana Farm Road” – Mike Robinson

Everyone has a different purpose and goal in life. People have the potential to become successful. Live every day to its fullest and realize that there are many blessings around you.

I hope that as people see these pictures, it gives them an opportunity to think about their lives and choices. Reflecting on the past and the road that you’ve been on, the one you’re on now, and the one you want to be on in the future. Life is full of possibilities and you are full of talent! Make the most of your days and remember to stay positive!



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