Street photography

Street art practices performances of so-called straight photography and is very close to documentary photography.

Street photography catches the moment and is about shooting the expression of the moment. Street photography as a style originated in Paris. The zone focusing technique is frequently used in this kind of photography. It came from the inexpensive cameras from 1940s which typically had an adjustable focus but no adjustable rangefinder.

In the USA, the street photography movement was partly due to the spreading tastes for jazz music.


Andreas Paradise


Some photographers had appeared to be street art masters without even being aware of it.Garry Winogrand took millions of pictures that he had never developed.


Photo by Garry Winogrand

Source: 42.jpg

The distance at which street photography images were usually taken was often called the hyperfocal distance. Nowadays it’s cameras with a very powerful autofocus. The zoom lens plays a big part in the art of street photography as well. photographers also use a high ISO setting and wide angle lenses with a rich depth of field.

If you wish to take a free on-line course on street art photography, follow the link


Photo by Garry Winogrand


Matt Stuart gives tips on street photography at

First: you have to think of the route you will follow. He gives advice to come up with the streets you want to explore beforehand.

Second: Do not aggravate people on the street and take pictures quickly.

third:Be polite to police and try to be careful when you are taking photos of some scenes that can draw public attention.

Fourth: You can make pictures of people without their permission but you cannot sell pictures without permission of the people depicted in them.

Maryia Komar


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