Photojournalism is a way to capture events through out history and a way to truly capture a person’s emotions. I have always had a fascination with photojournalism and some of the famous pictures that have been taken over the years, and used for all types of things such as magazines. Photojournalism also has a way of starting events or outcry by simple capturing what is truly going on in a moment.


This is my favorite photo-journalistic picture ever taken. I love how it captures the moment and the happiness between the couple. It truly captures the emotion and the feelings of the time period. This photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt and it portrays a US sailor kissing an American women on Victory over Japan day. This picture was captured in Time Square.  This photo ended up being published a week later in LIFE magazine along with other pictures captured on this day, but I feel this is the one most people will remember.


This picture is thought to capture and sum up the feelings of the Great Depression. This is a picture of a migrant mother named Florence Owens Thompson and was captured during the rough times of the Great Depression. This photo was captured by Dorothea Lange, and she captured it while visiting a pea pickers camp in California. Thompson was a mother of seven whose husband passed away from TB. This picture was published everywhere and started a public outcry to send food and supplies.


This is the picture that is sometimes known as the picture that ended the war. This picture was captured by Eddie Adams in 1968 and is off an officer shooting a hand-cuffed prisoner in the head at point blank range. This picture went a long way in changing Americans views on the Vietnam war. When the photo didn’t reveal that the prisoner was a revenge squad member, but revealed that the us has been shooting innocent civilians, it dramatically change Americans views on the war and on the soldiers fighting in it. American soldiers coming home were treated very rudely.

To see more Photojournalism photos that have helped shape history you can go to the following link:!uzbWv



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