Shutter Speed and Depth of Field

Shutter speed and depth of field are very important when taking a photo, and you have to know what kind of picture you want while setting up for your photo. I chose four pictures: One with a fast shutter speed, one with a slow shutter speed, one with a low depth of field, one with a wide depth of field. Shutter speed settings can make something be frozen in time or can show motion in a sense. Depth of field is having one thing in focus while everything else is not or you can take a photo with everything in focus (this all depends on your aperture setting).
Fast Shutter Speed

This photo has a fast shutter speed. As you can see everything is frozen in time. I am not sure who took this photo but I attribute to the following page

This photo is slow shutter speed. As you can see the rocks are stationary but you can see the motion of the water. I attribute this photo to the following page

low depth of field
This Photo is a low aperture setting, as you can see the focus is on the drop of water while everything else is out of focus. Attribution is from

high depth of field
Wide depth of field is shown here. Everything both close and far are in focus. This is a high aperture setting. Attribution is

As you can see shutter speed and aperture setting can lead to some pretty awesome photos. So before you shoot, use your imagination and find the best settings for your photo.

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