Photographing Lighthouses

Photographing Lighthouses

Few structures have the universal appeal and fascination of lighthouses. They are superbly romantic constructions: beacons of hope on a wild night, symbols of human ingenuity and perseverance in the face of the unforgiving seas. The more remote and inhospitable the location, the more interest they generate.

On top of all that, they make excellent photographic subjects. This relies on the marriage of two factors: an emotionally engaging subject and a prominent visual that lends coherence and focus to a dramatic scene. This article will give you some tips on how to make your own compelling lighthouse photographs and help you develop your own unique style.


Lens choice will have an impact on the composition. I find most of my lighthouse images are made with a wide-angle lens – roughly 24mm on full frame digital. However, if you are unable to get physically close to the lighthouse but you still want it to appear larger in the frame, then a short telephoto lens can be useful.




This article was cool because of how universal lighthouse pictures are. The article mentions that access to some remote lighthouses is impossible without boat or chopper, although they make for very interesting shots .  Composition is also stressed, as in any other picture. Different angles and distances can give different perspectives. Different times of day offer different feelings portrayed also. Make sure the lighthouse and water appear level.

Harley Jones


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