Project Photography

Project Photography: Step by step tutorial

After a while one tires of pretty pictures. At some point a theme, story, and organizing principle is required to impose discipline and focus one’s attention. I noticed that my photography usually improves markedly when I have an object in mind. Thus far most of my projects have resulted in books, but the same precepts apply for upcoming exhibitions or covering a friend’s wedding. They all require vision, anticipating the elements that will be required, a plan for execution, the actual photography, and unblinking editing process, and all the elements to bring forth the finished product.



Each subsequent book followed the same sequence.

Establish a clear vision of project

Define what sets the project apart from previous work

Draft a plan

Shoot and Adapt

Edit ruthlessly

Produce the end product


James Martin has produced 20 books and numerous articles.


I found this article to be right in line with what we have been working on in class. While we work on only 5 pictures at a time, the same principles can be applied. This article should be helpful to other starting photographers. Many just shoot when they see something cool. The article explains it’s wise to have a plan, differentiate and tell a story with your set of pictures.  

Harley Jones



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