” One Day in History”

Date Sonia Cortes 


    4th Nov 2013


© Andrea Gjestvang, Norway, L’Iris d’Or, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

FotoVisura Inc in collaboration with United Photo Industries presents Dialogue & Quiet Conversations: Part II, a gallery exhibition on display at United Photo Industries Gallery, Brooklyn. Curated by Sam Barzilay and Graham Letorney, the exhibition consists of 12 individual images selected by a panel of leading curators and editors from the top finalists of the most 2013 FotoVisura Grant.  The exhibition runs until 30 November.

The FotoVisura Grant aims to support personal photography projects and encourage the production and development of photography outside the commercial realm. The Grant aims to recognise photographers as judged by their images, story, dedication and commitment of the photographer to the story or concept, 

The 1st prize winner of the latest grant was Andrea Gjestvang for her series “One Day in History”, a powerful project which also won the Norwegian the 2013 L’Iris d’Or title at the Sony World Photography Awards.  Her work will be exhibited alongside that of Jenn Ackerman, Poulomi Basu, Alan Charlesworth, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Christopher Gregory, Andrea Gjestvang, Kiana Hayeri, Elizabeth D. Herman, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, Diana Markosian, Alejandro Olivares and Fabian Weiss.

Andrea Gjestvang - 182

“One Day in History” Andrea Gjestvang

For more details about the FotoVisura Grant click here

For more information about United Photo Industries go to www.unitedphotoindustries.com


I was looking for an article to post, and this particular article caught my eye, one because the images

were not your usual beautiful pictures, but it depicts a personal story that can really put some things in

perspective in one’s own personal life.  Looking at the photos you can really see the struggles that they

probably endure in their everyday life just by the emotion shown on the photos. The Photographer won the

 Foto Visura Grant  for Outstanding Personal Project and Outstanding Student Project.


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