Night photogrophy

Whether you want to learn how to take photos of the night sky, find out how to paint with light or just want to know the right camera settings for night photography, these 9 tips will give you a solid foundation and get you ready to start tackling a number of popular low-light and night photography techniques.


Night Photography Tip 6: How to get a ‘starburst’ effect on street lights
Using a narrow aperture (around f/16) will not only ensure a deeper depth of field, so your shots are sharp from foreground to background, but will also make street lights ‘sparkle’ in your scenes to give your pictures an added magical effect.

It is hard to acheive night photogrophy. You have to have enough light coming from somehwere. Especially with our cameras, because we can only close our aperture so far down. I have a link posted below to give some ideas on how to take better photos at night. One thing I have learned is I always pretty much have to use a tripod. The shutter spead has to be down pretty low in order to catch the light. We have learned light painting in class, however these tips might help with a few other night photos you might want to achieve.

Here is another link showing night photogrophy in low lite situations that might interest you.

-Kelly Walsh


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