High Speed Photography


The technique used to capture the above picture is actually called macro high speed photography, which is freezing motion while zoomed in very tight. From what I have found, the shutter speed used for this was 1/6000 of a second which is more than the D40 DSLR can go but you can still capture these kinds of photos with proper lighting. Usually these are done in a very dark room and a flash is used to quickly brighten up the object you are photographing. Since flash isn’t really an option for us, I have tried using direct light, such as from the sun and the light from my phone, and was able to get a decent exposure and motion somewhat frozen, but nothing to this extent.



For these pictures a timing system was used to trigger the shutter since these events happen very very quickly. Here’s a tutorial for how to set it up although i do not think we are able to do this with our cameras, i still thought it was pretty interesting. This is simply showing how these pictures are captured at the perfect moment. The trigger involves using a microphone to pick up the sound of a balloon popping, glass shattering, etc. which triggers the camera to take the photo. Slow motion video and photography like this has always interested me just from their simplicity. You don’t need fancy Photoshop tricks or have to worry about weather  to get a crazy looking photo.


~Brandon Vega


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