Backlight in Many Ways


It is a good idea to keep the majority of the sun blocked and avoid too much light. In order to create the desired golden outline, you do not necessarily have to wait for the golden hour, namely the first or last hour of sunlight during the day.

-The photo and text are by a guest blogger on the website listed above.

This is a way the sun can impact a photo. The way the light forms fits in to the photo to help tell a story. If this photo were taken a different way than the sun might have just gotten in the way,

Photo found on


This photo is using the backlight in a different way. The light is only highlighting what the photogropher wants the eye to see. This type of photogrophy really interests me. We were taught how to do this in class but there are many ways you can use it. Such as what this photographer did by keeping some of the light in the girls hair.

Photo by Darren Rowse


“On this particular morning, in the crisp autumn air among golden grasses at Mono Lake, it occurred to me that many of my favorite photographs have an almost palpable sense of movement created by backlight. Like facing into a breeze, the light flows through the image—glowing through an autumn leaf, rim-lighting cactus spines or reflecting toward the viewer from the surface of water. All of these effects depend on light coming from a position somewhere behind the main subject.”
-Justin Black


We have seen in class and by shooting that the sun or other backlight can get in the way. However there are some ways that in can work in your favor. This photo shows backlight in a beautiful way. The colors in the clouds are the same as the foreground. The lighting makes the whole photo work together, and it is not just a sun spot.

Kelly Walsh


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